Fast Track version of CMC Online

Chinese Medical Chinese Online:  Fast Track version

Aowen Chinese Medicine offers a ‘fast track’ version of CMC Online.  It is meant for those students who already have basic knowledge of Chinese language, some knowledge of Chinese medical terminology, and who want to begin their studies of Classical Chinese without the need to follow Block A in a regular class.

This fast track course prepares you to study Blocks B & C where we focus on learning the grammar needed to read classical medical texts.

Fast Track contents

  • you will receive all the study and reading materials of the 10 assignments of the regular Block A
  • please see Chinese Medical Chinese Online for Block A details
  • you will write three tests, the third one being the final exam of Block A
  • you will receive individual guidance with full access to your teacher

The Block A portion of this Fast Track version of the courses takes about six-seven weeks.  During that time you review the characters and terms covered by Block A:  Chinese Medical Characters, Volume One: Basic Vocabulary plus some additional characters.  Total characters: 110.  The reading materials of Block A will give you a solid foundation to continue your studies in Blocks B & C.


  • You have basic knowledge of Chinese language and Chinese medical terminology.
  • You commit to study CMC Online Blocks B & C in the next available session (or individually).
  • You have Chinese Medical Characters Volume One available (note: we can help you to get started while you are waiting for the book)


The next session of Blocks B & C will start April 2022.  However, we can offer you the option to study B & C individually.   You can work at your own pace but have to finish the three tests (and pass the exam: the third test) before starting at the B & C portion of the course.


The price of the Block A (review) part of this Fast Track version of the course is $ 475 (US dollars), due at the beginning of the course.  The total (including Blocks B & C) will be $ 2,225.   Your fee is refundable only if the course is cancelled.

Continuing Education Units

Contact your teacher Nicolaas via if you are curious to know what we can do regarding continuing education credits.

For further information also please do not hesitate to contact Nicolaas (

One thought on “Fast Track version of CMC Online

  1. Hello,
    I am the student who comes to you via a recent correspondence with Chrissy at Redwing. I definitely want to enroll in the Fast Track Block A. Please tell me how you arrange certificates for students to present to NCCAOM. The NCCAOM PDA search engine divides Block A into 10 segments, but you have a division into 3 for the purpose of the exams. If there is one certificate provided after completion of the entire Block A, what is the total number of PDA/CEU units? Of course I intend to go on and complete Blocks B and C as well, regardless of any NCCAOM PDA involvement. Not only do I have personal reasons (love for and fascination with Chinese language and characters), but I am hoping to reach a level of assistance to my daughter in some translation projects. She is also a licensed practitioner in Chinese medicine, and bilingual and biliterate. Please tell me how to go about the enrollment and payment process for the Fast Track Block A. I already have the entire set of CMC books and am eager to begin.
    Thank you, for assisting me and even more importantly for making this kind of necessary study available for the advancement of our medicine,

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