2 thoughts on “Chickens & Eggs

  1. Hello, Aowen, nice to meet you. I saw your post on Facebook, the scholars group and i came here. things are so awesome that you have done. my favorite picture is “chickens and eggs”, it’s like a magic with those beautiful colorful eggs together. haha, thank you Aowen.

    1. Zhao Juan, hi,

      Obrigado /obrigadinho / 感谢 for your feedback, 赵娟, I truly appreciate it! The story of that picture is that I heard about a ‘legend’ that says that eggs will stand upright on a certain day, I believe it was on Spring equinox. I still don’t know whether I should believe it, but when I found the picture of the eggs in my collection I decided to give it a special place on my new website. (update: I just googled it and it seems to relate to China: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_balancing )

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