Online Courses in Chinese Medical Chinese

Learn to Read Chinese Medical Chinese

with Nicolaas Herman Oving

The general goal of the courses is to become able to read Chinese medical texts. The course will help you to develop a deeper understanding of concepts in Chinese medicine through the study of characters and their use in classical texts. The characters are traced to their origins, and placed in the context of the medical classics.

The design of the program takes into account that many students, practitioners, and teachers do not have much time available. An investment of one hour per day will result in your ability to begin reading real texts within a year.

Block A: Basic terminology of Chinese Medicine

  • individual guidance with feedback on homework, quizzes and tests
  • focus on memorization of handwritten characters
  • reading materials on philosophy and history of Chinese medicine
  • interaction with fellow students
  • experienced and accessible teacher
  • new for 2024: you can meet your teacher online

You can find a page with a more detailed description here.


Due to the rising costs for accreditation with the NCCAOM and the California board, we have discontinued all accreditation.  However, if you need accreditation units for this course and are willing to pay an extra fee, we can consider to re-apply. 


For students who already have basic knowledge and want to start with B & C as soon as possible, please see our Fast Track Block A option.


Block B: Basic grammar of Chinese medical language

  • continuing study of terminology
  • grammar of Classical Chinese: a thorough introduction
  • examples from Chinese medical texts
  • learn by doing: exercises, quizzes, and tests

Block C: Reading medical literature

  • reading and translating excerpts from Chinese medical literature
  • focus on value for the practice of Chinese medicine

After completing the three blocks, there is the possibility of continuous advanced study (private or in a small group).

For further information, questions and enrollment, please contact Nicolaas via

2 thoughts on “Online Courses in Chinese Medical Chinese

  1. Dear Nicolaas

    My name is Lee Moden, I’m an acupuncturist in the UK.

    I wonder if you might be able to help. I have been looking for a reliable source of the original Chinese text Zhen Jing Biao You Fu 針經標幽賦 and came across your name, together with this text in the footnote of a webpage and was hoping you might be able to guide me to the original text!

    I’m writing a book on Classical Chinese Medicine and I’m currently working through a section discussing various prohibitions based on the Neijing and wanted to provide an overlapping discussion from the Biao You Fu with the original Chinese but cannot seem to locate it. Would you be able to help? Any help will of course be gratefully acknowledged in the final work!

    My best wishes

    Lee Moden

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